What should be paid attention to in automatic barrel plating production line?

What should be paid attention to in automatic barrel plating production line?A large number of small parts are electroplated in rolling containers, such as rolling galvanizing, rolling copper plating and rolling high tin bronze plating on steel parts; Nickel plating on copper and copper alloy parts.Barrel plating solution and plating conditions are basically the same as bath plating, sometimes some adjustments will be made according to the material and the shape of the plating parts.
Automatic barrel plating production line:
1.The difference of current density is large
Although the current density of the barrel plating is large, however, due to the difference of current density, most current is consumed on the workpiece with high current density, and the average current density is very small. The result is that the cathode current efficiency is low. If there is a little neglect in operation, the thickness of coating is difficult to guarantee.
2.Chemical dissolution occurs simultaneously in barrel plating
When the workpiece rolls, the current will be intermittent, so the plating time needs to be extended to thicken the coating. However, it is difficult to thicken the coating at some parts.
3.Adjust the main salt concentration in time
The main salt consumption in barrel plating solution is fast, which is mainly caused by insufficient anode area and more loss when the workpiece is out of the bath.When the main salt content is too low, the current efficiency will decrease, and the coating is difficult to thicken, so it needs to be adjusted in time according to the analysis data.
4.Pretreatment of barrel plated parts is difficult
Barrel plating parts can only be pretreated in the basket, so it is difficult to completely remove the dirt. Therefore, barrel plating solution is easy to be polluted. Because barrel plating solution is sensitive to impurities, the workload of solution purification is large, and the production is often delayed.
5.The pH value of barrel plating solution changes greatly
The change of pH value is more obvious in barrel nickel plating. This is due to the intense hydrogen evolution in the local part during barrel nickel plating. In order to maintain the production, the pH value needs to be adjusted frequently.

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Post time: Jun-16-2021