Several common automatic electroplating production lines

In China’s electroplating plants, several common full-automatic electroplating production lines are: linear gantry full-automatic production line, annular vertical lifting production line, barrel plating production line, plastic electroplating automatic production line, etc.


Linear gantry production line:

The features of the linear gantry electroplating production line adopt gantry crane to lift electroplating parts. All kinds of tanks for electroplating are arranged in a straight line or multiple straight lines in parallel. The crane moves in a straight line along the track and is lifted by one or two pairs of lifting hooks on the crane, so that the automatic line can complete the processing task according to the required procedure. The running track is installed on both sides of the tank, which has the advantages of reducing the corrosion of the track and running and convenient inspection of electrical sensing faults; The automatic line of large plating bath is controlled by high-precision computer, which has the advanced function of automatic memory and storage of production process parameters and traceability of product quality inspection; Can be equipped with vibration swing; Air stirring; PLC automatic control, accurate operation; It can be equipped with high-precision filter to ensure high-quality coating; It can also be equipped with high-quality rectifier to ensure the stability of electroplating.



Ring vertical lifting electroplating production line:


The structure of the annular vertical lifting electroplating line is very different from that of the ordinary electroplating line. The transverse movement and lifting of the workpiece are no longer carried out for a single groove, but the hanger of the whole line and the workpiece act at the same time. The workpiece of a single groove rises, moves transversely and falls into the next groove, and the workpiece of the plating groove and multi position medicine tank move continuously in the groove without lifting.




The ring vertical lifting electroplating line has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for products with many kinds, small parts, large output and single process, including plastic electroplating to meet the electroplating requirements of nickel chromium, copper plating, ABS copper nickel chromium and so on.




Barrel plating line:


The drum panel is formed by plate bending or special grid plate splicing, driven independently bit by bit, belt driven drum, chain transmission, 45 ° spiral gear steering transmission, independent motor and reducer transmission, stepless speed change rotation, frequency converter or DC motor.




Post time: Aug-14-2021