Production equipment and methods of NdFeB electroplating

There are many problems in using automatic line in barrel plating of NdFeB. The following improvement measures are proposed for the cross contamination of various plating solutions.

1) Achieve full water washing

When the manual line changes the plating seed, changing the cylinder can completely solve the cleaning problem. If the automatic line does not change the cylinder halfway, it is easy to cross contamination.


Therefore, the automatic production line should realize full water washing. Two stages of recovery and four stages of counter current washing should be used for each conversion of plating seeds. In the process of water washing, each stage should be cleaned more than three times, and each drum should rotate more than three circles in the cleaning tank.


The cleaning water needs precise filtration, and the effect of pure water is better. A nickel ion recovery device is added to the nickel recovery tank to reduce the rising speed of nickel ion.


2) Choose the process more suitable for automatic line to solve the problem of cross contamination of nickel and copper solution

For example, low concentration process is used in pre nickel plating to reduce viscosity and entrainment, which is conducive to the cleaning effect of water washing process; The new cyanide free alkaline copper plating process is adopted for copper plating, with low concentration of copper ions, low viscosity of solution, less entrainment and favorable for water washing.

3) The online continuous electrolysis purification link is added to each kind of plating, and the unavoidable cross pollution in the production is passed through the purification device to realize the self maintenance of the solution and maintain the quality of the solution.

For example, beside the copper plating and nickel plating cells, a circulating electrolytic purification cell is added to continuously purify the solution with low current for 24 hours.


The semi-automatic barrel plating line of NdFeB is suitable for the barrel plating of NdFeB parts with special properties.


Each kind of Nd-Fe-B plating is separated into a line (such as zinc plating line, nickel plating line, copper plating line, bright nickel plating line, etc.), the roller plating is still in the form of the original barrel plating machine, and the corresponding auxiliary tank is added, and the roller transport is semi-automatic.


This form is between the manual line and the automatic line, taking into account the advantages of both, strong flexibility, no cross pollution problem, at the same time, the labor production efficiency is improved, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the dual purpose of high quality and high yield of barrel plating of NdFeB parts can be realized.


At present, many domestic enterprises are using this method of production.




Post time: Jul-15-2021