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The automatic gantry barrel plating production line is suitable for the electroplating of small parts which cannot or should not be hung due to the shape, size and other factors. Compared with the hanging plating or basket plating used in the early electroplating of small parts, it saves labor, improves the labor production efficiency, and greatly improves the surface quality of the plated parts.

Therefore, the invention and application of barrel plating undoubtedly has a very positive significance in the electroplating field of small parts. Large automatic barrel plating production line has been widely used since the 1990s. At present, the output of barrel plating accounts for about 50% of the whole electroplating process, and involves dozens of plating types such as zinc plating, copper, nickel, tin, chromium, gold, silver and alloy. Barrel plating has become a very common and almost equal to hanging plating.

Features of automatic gantry barrel plating production line:
1.This kind of production line can be fully automatic, semi-automatic conversion, scientific and reasonable design, compact, high degree of automation
2.Barrel rotary transmission, using the whole line chain transmission or the whole line transmission shaft transmission
3.It adopts man-machine interface and touch screen control management, which can monitor and save various data and operation conditions.
4.Automatic measurement, automatic loading and unloading, automatic drying, automatic drying and packaging
5.Save labor and improve labor production efficiency
6.Good surface quality of plating parts,The thickness of coating fluctuates little
7. Frame Structure Materials Q235 Steel Groove Materials PP Wall, U Type Steel Strengthen Frame, PP Surface Controller Mitsubishi PLC Human-Machine Interface 10 Inch Color Monitor
Automatic  gantry barrel plating production line is the best in electroplating equipment, is the most widely used electroplating equipment, with it no longer worry about uneven coating, poor quality, serious environmental pollution.
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Post time: Jun-11-2021