Advantages of the fully automatic shelf electroplating production line produced by Jiafei

Featured design:

1. Flexible process: According to customer needs to meet the needs of multiple materials and multiple processes.

2. The process flow is flexible and convenient

3. The equipment has a high degree of automation: it can collect process parameter data, facilitate query and provide actual basis for process design, and provide realistic basis for production failure analysis.

Features of Automatic gantry barrel plating production line(rack plating line)

1. Advantages: A variety of processes can be designed in one line, which is the most used example in traditional design.

2. The gantry line has good rigidity, heavy lifting, stable operation, suitable for mass production of workpieces of various sizes and weights.

3. The process is flexible, and the processing time and working current can be designed independently for each slot.

4. There are two main types: high rail and medium rail. In the traditional design, there are many medium rail cranes. The middle rail train runs smoothly, and it is convenient to clean the guide rail and train the train.

5. The designed structure is relatively flexible and changeable, and can be designed into a linear or “U”-shaped structure according to customer requirements.

rack plating line

automatic selective plating line

Application range: Widely used in the electroplating of PCB, various hardware, plastics and other workpieces; traditional processes include galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, anodizing, formation wire, phosphating wire, ABS plastic electroplating wire, etc.

6.automatic selective plating line or Fully automatic gantry hanging plating production line:Automatically carry out the process of product handover, cleaning, dryness, and anti-rust treatment. The design scheme rotates + moves the tissue to get completely symmetrical clean. It is a fully enclosed design, simple and reliable, and easy to maintain. Equipped with cleaning agent circulation homing system software to reduce product costs. Set up the automatic control system of the liquid level meter to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Set the rapid warm air drying system to quickly dry the product workpiece. Each tank is equipped with a separate digital display temperature control system and an automatic temperature control heating device, and the temperature is controlled at -110℃ at the rated normal temperature. It replaces the unique ultrasound generation route, and the ultrasound is powerful. It replaces other exciting ultrasonic generation routes and imported high-quality ultrasonic transducers, magnetic fluid power generation. Compact structure and manufacturing. The mechanical system is simple, the operation process is stable and reliable, and the equipment maintenance cost is low. The production line replaces the production and manufacturing of a large number of parts suitable for PLC programmable control boards, and the electroplating production and manufacturing of automobile and motorcycle parts that have been commonly used. The production line is suitable for stationary plating production and manufacturing applications, can change the plating time, the server replaces the rotation of mechanical equipment, fully improves the height, small area, large production volume, uniform and bright coating, etc., suitable for large, medium and small hardware , Plastics, electroplating production of circuit board products. It can be produced continuously for 24 hours.

Finally, I recommend the right angle processing machine necessary for the electroplating factory, which is used for the corrosion-resistant PVC packaging of the outer frame of the electroplating tank, which is very efficient

Post time: Dec-09-2020