Ningbo Joyful Environment Protection Equipment Co., LTD located in fascinating coastal city, i.e. Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, who is an integrated scientific research, design, manufacture, operation for electroplating equipment, electroplating machinery, spraying machinery as a whole diversified enterprise. She has twenty years history since founded, dedicated in the research and develop of automatic electroplating production line, has designed and produced more than


1,000 various electroplating production line for customers. We make rack plating, portal frame, circular, vertical, climbing, fishing, barrel plating, U-type, PCB plating, roll to roll continuous plating, neodymium ferrum boron barrel plating and rack plating  production line and so on.

In addition, we also engaged in the design, production and manufacture of acid fog treatment facility for electroplating production line. We already have 4 series, 15 varieties of complete sets of equipment at present, and reach producing 100 sets annually. We can accept customizable various non-standard acid fog treatment facilities. Furthermore, our company also undertake the design of organic waste gas entire engineering and governing smoke and dust.

We also supply various electroplating raw materials, metal materials, electroplating parts, and sewage treatment materials. Recently, we obtain environment protection design certificate and manufacture certificate in Zhejiang province after tireless efforts. We joined in the association of Ningbo electroplating industry, association of Ningbo environment protection industry, association of Zhejiang environment protection industry as a member successively, and received commendation and compliments of various government unit in district, city and province. We will make efforts improve our strength and accomplish every customer’s program with quality and quantity guarantee to save capital, enhance yield, increase benefit for customers, and contribute to make our living environment a better place.